Frequently Asked Questions / preguntas frecuentes​

We have tried to answer all the question you might have for Valencia Language Exchange. Please try to find your answer here, if you can’t find it please write us: hello@valencialanguageexchange.com 

All the languages are welcome in our languages exchange meetings. 
Normally there are tables for English, French, German and Italian with Spanish. Sometimes we organise tables for other languages, in case there have natives and learner for example: Portuguese, Russian, Chinese etc. 
Friday: There are almost all the languages, sometime people are from languages and we event don’t know.

Everybody, who likes languages and meeting new people can participate in our events. 

The only condition is to be member. Valencia Language Exchange is an association and the participants have to be member of the association to participate in its meetings. 

Valencia Language Exchange is an association and the participants have to be member of the association to participate in its meetings. 

Membership is free of cost and can be done here: https://valencialanguageexchange.com/membership/

Most of the events are free of cost except from excursions and very few events what are not directly organised by VLE.  Language exchanges, Language Events, parties are free of cost. 

Description from every day :
We make sure every meeting is the best, but it depends on which one suits you more. Depends on your taste, the area you are living, or where you have your friends and the same kind of interest.
We explain to you each day characteristic, now it depends on you which one attracts you the most.

— For example, we recommend Monday if you like a nice calm language exchange and if you live near the university area (Blasco Ibañez). Normally on a busy day, we are 80-100 people.

On Tuesday we have people of every age people from 18 – 70 on different tables, practising and speaking language, talking about different topics, depends on your taste and hobbies. (120-150 participants). So we recommend it to 30+ People.

Wednesday in EOI, Same as Tuesday people from all ages. You don’t need to be EOI student to participate in the meeting, Everybody is welcome. we meet in the cafeteria of EOI. 

In Summer (Highcube/Aquarela) A very very beautiful Language Exchange, on an island in the sea. We will have language exchange & Salsa. Mostly full with young crowd. 

Thursday is very recommended to students, many many International students, Erasmus and exchange students come and speak with Spanish students. And it is very famous for a quiz (Trivial), what we play at the end, with some prize of shots. (140 -180 participants). We don’t recommend it to 40+, because you will be rounded by 20 years students.

Friday, It is flag Tandem + Party in Umbracle/Mya. An Interactive way of Language Exchange and Meet New People. It is an exchange, where everybody put the flag of his/her native language and search for the Flag he/she would like to Practice or meet people from. in Winter 150 – 180 and summer 400 – 600 participants. Entry is free to Umbracle until 01:00 and 40% discount for people with flags until 01:00 and you can stay in Umbracle/Mya until you want. 

No, All the levels are welcomed. We don’t separate people according to level, According to us levels doesn’t effect in acquisition of the language , actually it helps in learning process.

If you like languages, you are learning a language, you like to practice it with different people, or you just want to listen other speaking. Everybody from Native to beginner level everyone is most welcome.

Yes, Valencia Language Exchange organises events in the collaboration with state ministry of education, culture and sports. (conselleria d’educació cultura i esport)

 Protocols for the meetings & other events (According to the circumstances and situation of Coronavirus)

For Valencia Language exchange the most important is your health. In order to participate in VLE events and enjoy them, we will have to follow these protocols.

  1. First of all, if you feel some symptoms like fever / cough / respiratory problem you should not go the meetings.
  2. To guarantee your security every participants has to register for the meeting it can be done with in 5 seconds in the calendar https://valencialanguageexchange.com/
  3. Wash your hands/Sanitize them:
    1. Before getting to the meetings,
    2. After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing,
    3. After touching money
    4. After using the toilet
    5. After touching surfaces outside of the table
  1. Try to avoid the two kisses, hugs and hands shaking and accidently if you have done, please wash your hands or sanitize them.
  2. Try to avoid sharing things like lighter, beer, cigarette, money etc.… if you have to please sanitize them.
  3. Please don’t touch the flags on the table / or we will avoid to put them there. We won’t give you any flyer until middle of the month (Until situation is very under control) all the meeting you have to consult on the page: https://valencialanguageexchange.com/

Protocolo Coronavirus for Excursions

Para poder viajar y disfrutar de forma segura tendremos que seguir estos protocolos para viajar con VLE/CoAcad.

  1. Antes de todo, si sientes algunos síntomas como fiebre/tos/problema respiratorio no deberías acudir al punto de salida.
  2. Uso de mascarilla va ser obligatoria durante todo el tiempo en el autobús.
  3. Antes de subir al autobús se hará control de temperatura.
  4. Te entregaremos una toallita desinfectante para que puedas limpiar tu asiento de forma segura.
  5. No imprimas billete para no manipular papel, demuéstranos el código QR en tu móvil o solo dinos tu nombre y apellidos.

More: https://valencialanguageexchange.com/protocol-coronavirus-vle/

The process is very simple.  when someone arrives to these meetings, a coordinator is in charge of assigning them a table with people interested in speaking in a particular language, because they’re learning the language or because it’s their native tongue and they want to help others. A few minutes later at the start of each event, the establishment turns into a multilingual social gathering.

Fridays Language Exchange, works a little different:

In umbracle at the entry we will give you the flag of your country /native tongue and you will search for the flag/language you would like to practise or meet people.  

For example: A french girl would like to practice Spanish with a Spanish boy. 
At the gate when everybody enters, this french girl will have french flag and  there will be many people with different flags and she search for people with Spanish flags.

You go to valencialanguageexchange.com, choose the date and complete the form.

P.S.:For the excursions you have to register to the excursion page.