Almeria and Cabo de Gata

- Cabo de gata- Almería - Tabernas- Kayak - Western

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Hotel+Bus+Guide+Insurance+Activities 23/06 - 25/06

– Cabo de gata- Almería – Tabernas- Kayak – Western

Imagine a place, with exotic landscapes, wild and virgin beaches with the sea of different colours, white coastal villages, pirate ruins, western deserts with a world famous film set, mountains, rivers, museums, castles. Do you know what we are talking about?
Yes, you guessed it right: We are talking about Almeria and the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar. If you know them: you already know that we are talking about an earthly paradise and if you don’t know them: it’s time to explore this amazing place!!!
What we will see on our trip:
Of course Cabo de Gata and its beaches: Playa Genoveses, Playa Las Negras, Playa de los Muertos, Cala San Pedro, La Fabriquilla or Agua Amarga.
We will visit Almeria and the desert of Tabernas, Pueblo de San Jose and Pueblo de Las Negras.
Our trip stands out for an experience that you will not forget in all your life. Kayaking in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar (Optional).
We do not forget that the Fiesta de San Juan is very famous in Almeria. It’s on the 23rd of June. It is one day before it will be in Valencia.
Includes: Private Transport + Hotel 4**** + Coordinator + Insurance + Organization. Optional : Kayak (Optional) + Tavernas shows western (Optional)`.
Our programme (see below for a detailed description of all locations)  

Short programme

Thursday 23/06 (Friday is a public holiday)
We will leave after lunch around 15:00 and go directly to Almeria where the Fiesta de San Juan celebrations will be in full swing. In Almeria, San Juan is celebrated one day earlier than in Valencia. On arrival we will check in at our hotel at 4**** Avenida hotel and leave.
Friday 24/06
We will wake up in the morning, have breakfast and go to the beaches. The people who want to kayak go with the kayak company (highly recommended) and others enjoy different beaches. Around 18:00 we return to Almeria and visit the city. In the evening we will have dinner together (optional).
Saturday 25/06
We will wake up in the morning, have breakfast and set off on a very nice 11 km route of medium easy level (Details below) to a beautiful beach. At 15:00 we leave for the tavernas El hollywood in Spain. We see several shows (optional) / visit the village and at about 20:00 we go to Valencia.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park
The most emblematic place of this trip is Cabo de Gata. Its landscapes seem to be from another planet. Its beaches, dreamlike, hidden paradisiacal coves, its virgin islets or its fantastic viewpoints to observe the Park in a privileged way.
The best time to visit Cabo de Gata is at the end of May, the beginning of June or the end of September.
Beaches :
In Cabo de Gata every beach is very beautiful, but some are probably the most beautiful, Playa de los Muertos. Don’t be scared by the name. It is so called because in the old days this is where the bodies after shipwrecks used to end up. Playa de los Genoveses, Playa Las Negras, or the cove of San Pedro We will go with a route. On the beaches La Fabriquilla or Agua Amarga we will go kayaking.
Kayaking in Cabo de Gata.
Perhaps the most exotic activity you will do this year.
Discover Cabo de Gata from its large number of beaches and inaccessible coves with a panoramic view from the sea, the whimsical shapes of the cliffs and volcanic formations of the area. An adventure activity combined with a physical activity. Lasting approximately 3 hours, it is an unforgettable experience. As many places and corners can only be appreciated from this small boat and it is one of the Spanish natural areas affected by the greatest number of protection figures, both of a natural and cultural nature. It is an optional activity and has an extra cost of 30 euros and the embarkation point will be in La Fabriquilla, Agua Amarga or Cala del Cuervo, Las Negras. Depending on the wind from the west or east.
San José and Las Negras:
San José with its fine golden sand dunes and crystal clear water beaches. Los Genoveses and Mónsul is an essential stop when visiting Cabo de Gata.
Las Negras: One of the most touristic and endearing towns in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Named after the volcanic black mountain El Cerro Negro. Its beach is made of black pebbles and is a good place for snorkelling in the rest of the park.
Desert of taverns
Considered the only proper desert area in Europe. A location where famous western movies were filmed: e.g. Indiana Jones, Once Upon a Time in the West, Lawrence of Arabia and Exodus.
You won’t believe you are here in Europe. It will be like you have been brought to a real old western movie, when you will see a live western show or the cancan dance, with a real cowboy, with its saloon, Sheriff’s station or dance halls.
Beautiful beaches, Historical heritage with monuments such as archaeological museum. Almeria’s alcazaba with more than a thousand years of history. La Rambla de Almeria, La cathedral of La Encarnación de Almeria. La plaza de la Constitución are some nice corners to fall in love with it. The festival of San Juan in Andalusia has different colours, and in Almeria it is celebrated on the 23rd of June.

Description of hiking routes

Depending on the wind on the 2nd day we will choose one of these routes. 

Route Las Negras – San Pedro Cove
The only way to get to Cala San Pedro is by foot or by boat. As we have already done the kayak, today we have to walk (and if someone doesn’t feel like it and the sea allows it, we can go by boat). It is a route of almost 10 km in total, that is to say 1 hour there and 1 hour back. The beginning of the route is uphill but then it is almost flat and it is impressive walking over the cliffs of the coast. The path is wide and comfortable to walk on.
This cove is also called the hippies’ cove, after the people who make their living from handicrafts made of leather, shells or other materials.
Distance: 10 km
Positive difference in altitude: 321 m
Technical difficulty: Moderate
Negative difference in altitude: -5 m
Type of route: Circular
San José Magic Coves
A route with excellent views up to the Morrón de los Genoveses, a small hill next to the sea. Nice route along some of the magical beaches such as Genoveses, Mónsul and Barronal, along with some hidden coves. 
The choice of route will depend on the kayaking activity.  Because one of these places we will visit the day before.
The Kayak departure depends a lot on the wind. For days with an easterly wind the boat will be in La Fabriquilla or Agua Amarga. For days with a westerly wind, it will be Cala del Cuervo in Las Negras.
Distance: 12 km
Elevation gain: 263 m
Technical difficulty: Moderate
Type of route: Circular
Our hotels 
We have chosen our hotel with great care, thinking in all public and taking advantage of a maximum of 2 days. Hotel Avenue from 4****. The rooms are double rooms but with an extra charge (+22€) you can ask for a single room. 
How do we share the rooms if I go alone? We try to divide the room between the same gender and the same age. 
Meeting point

Protocolo Coronavirus VLE

In order to travel and enjoy safely we will have to follow these protocols to travel with VLE / CoAcad. First of all, if you feel some symptoms like fever / cough / respiratory problem you should not participate to the trip. Use of a mask will be mandatory at all times on the bus. The bus will be sanitized before and after each service. Before boarding the bus, temperature control will be done. We will give you a disinfecting wipe so you can safely clean your seat. Do not print a ticket to avoid handling paper, show us the QR code on your mobile or just tell us your name and surname. During the guided tour everybody will wear the mask.

All our trips are organised by Wexcursion travel agency, with licence number. CV-m-1881-V

All our trips are organised by Travel agency, Wexcursion, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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