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Xativa & Bocairent

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Castle, Caves, City Saturday 08/10/22
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Bocairent importance throughout history is embodied in its monuments and its heritage.  Sometimes Bocairent is called the “town where the stones speak or Little toscany or Matera (Italy). I would say it is exactly 100% same as matera. You search in google Bocairent and Matera Italy and try to compare them. 
The Muslims called the city Bekirén, because of the  architectural style in the town which used the form of beehives. Many of the houses and some of its monuments, even modern ones, are excavated from the surrounding rock continuing the ancient tradition.  Bocairent’s streets are full of history, the inhabitants are respectful of their traditions while the city itself is located near wonderful Sierra Mariola national park.
It is a historic-artistic town in ochre colors with plenty of stone facades and narrow streets that is famous for the “Covetes dels Moros”, which are a series of galleries with about 50 windows on 3-4 levels on the wall of the Barranc de la Fos.
The caves are very narrow and small and sometimes you have to climb through them on your knees. Be aware of this and don’t go in if you are claustrophobic.


Xàtiva is a town in eastern Spain, in the province of Valencia. It is located 25 km west of the Mediterranean Sea. In the 12th century, Arabs brought the technology to manufacture paper to Xàtiva, which made the city known as an early European centre of paper manufacture and education.

After the Christian repopulation the city became the cradle of one of the most powerful families of the Renaissance – the House of Borgia, which produced Popes like Callixtus III (Alfonso de Borgia) and Alexander VI (Rodrigo de Borgia).


The city is best known for its unique castle which is located between two peaks. Thanks to its strategic location on the sierra del Castell hill, this fortress has been the scene and spectator of a lot of battles. The castle forms the highest point of the defensive walls that once encircled early medieval Xàtiva. Despite its Iberian and Roman roots, most of castle walls and towers preserved today are of Islamic or Gothic origin. More information: https://xativaturismo.com/en/xativa-castle/

In 2008 it was elected as one of the seven wonders of Valencia.

It is one of the best experiences to immerse yourself into if you love sightseeing and rich history!


9:00 Leaving Valencia
Meeting point Avenida Aragon 31 (In front of mestalla)
10:00 Arrival to Xativa
Start walking to the castle
11:00 Castle
Visiting the castle
12:00 - 14:00 Lunch
Free time in the city and lunch
14:00 Leaving to Bocareint
Leaving by bus to the Bocairent
15:00 Arrival to Bocairent
15:00 Caves
Visiting caves
17:00 Discover city
Visiting the city
19:00 Coming back to Valencia
Food and drinks: You can bring from home and or eat in a restaurant there.
Clothes: Bring confortable clothes because we will walk a lot, and don’t forget to bring a jacket because during evening it can get cold. 
The caves are very narrow and small and sometimes you have to climb through them on your knees. Be aware of this and don’t go in if you are claustrophobic.
Individual price: until Wednesday 23, after Wednesday 25€
Group of 5 or more: until Wednesday 22€, after Wednesday 24€
Included: bus + insurance + best organisation
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