Gorgos de Anna + Optional Hike / Canyoning

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Getting down a 30m waterfall with a rope, cliff jumpiing, or hike a trek of 3 waterfalls: Gorgos de Anna, a paradise only one hour from Valencia, with waterfalls, natural pools, caves, sources of the river Sellent. In addition, there is also a spectacular architectural heritage from the hidden Palacio de los Condes de Cervellón, which is known as “the small Valencian Alhambra”.
We have 2 optional activities:
  • water canyoning with a adventure sport company
  • hiking route of 3 waterfalls

Water canyoning (optional)

What is water canyoning?

Here we have a video that explains it very well:

Hiking (Optional)

Description of the route
Distance: 3 km
Difficulty: easy
Elevation gain: 207 m
Total elevation gain: 100 m


08:00 Leaving Valencia
Meeting time 7:45. Meeting point: Avenida Aragon 31.
Arrival to Gorgos de Anna and activities
Leaving at 8:00, we will arrive around 09:30. As soon as we arrive we begin our optional activities. Who does not want activity can go to the lake to relax.
After the activities
After the activities we have time for bathing, relaxing etc.
City visit
We are going to visit the city and palace. To visit the palace, a prior reservation is required: https://www.ayuntamientoanna.es/palacio
18:30 Return to Valencia
We will meet at 18:15 to go back to Valencia.
  • suitable shoes: sport or mountain shoes
  • water (min 2 liters)
  • food: there are no shops, take food from home
  • sunscreen
  • swimwear
  • for canyoning: an extra pair of clothes to change
All canyoning equipment is provided by the multi-adventure company.

10% Discount with the code: “VLE” (add the code at the end of the purchase)

From 25€ (group price & 27€ single ticket)

 Until Wednesday 2€ discount 
Canyoning: 35€ 
Includes: transport + hiking + insurance + coordination & organization

Doesn’t included; Extras, Entries to Palace , lake, Canyoning and whatever not mentioned in Included. 
Palacio de Cervellon: 4€ (not included, to be paid there)
Gorgos de Anna and Albufera (lake) de Anna: 2-3€ (not included, to be paid there)
Canyoning(Optional): 35€ to be booked in advance. 
  • Online: link ->
  • Office: 9.00 – 14.00 : Plaza de Honduras 26
  • Language Exchange meetings: Check the webpage to see days and times.

10% Discount with the code “VLE” (add the code at the end of the purchase)

5€ Discount for Language Exchange use code : “VLE” (add the code at the end of the purchase)

Anna & Palacio de los Condes de Cervellón

One of the most visited towns in spring and summer, with a landscape and cultural heritage worth visiting. Its name means “eyes of water” due to the large number of fountains, waterfalls and gorges.
You can combine nature with a historical visit to the hidden Palace of the Counts of Cervellón, its religious buildings, its Industrial Archaeology (ruins of old factories and mills moved by the water currents) and its popular architecture (cucos).
To visit the palacio (Palace) you need reservation:  https://www.ayuntamientoanna.es/palacio

Protocolo Coronavirus VLE

Para poder viajar y disfrutar de forma segura tendremos que seguir estos protocolos para viajar con VLE/CoAcad. 1. Antes de todo, si sientes algunos síntomas como fiebre/tos/problema respiratorio no deberías acudir al punto de salida. 2. Uso de mascarilla va ser obligatoria durante todo el tiempo en el autobús. 3. El autobús será tratado con desinfectados antes y después de cada servicio. 4. Antes de subir al autobús se hará control de temperatura. 5. Te entregaremos una toallita desinfectante para que puedas limpiar tu asiento de forma segura. 6. No imprimas billet, será suficiente con tener el codigo QR en el móvil o solo dinos tu nombre y apellidos. 7. Durante todas la visitas guiadas (todo el tiempo), el uso de mascarilla va ser obligatoria.

Check out the photos from last years (Click on the photos)

Meeting point: AVENIDA ARAGON 31 (in front of Mestalla)

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje WEXCURSION, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

All our trips are organised by Travel agency, WEXCURSION, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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