Carnaval of Vianros

Carnival of vinaros

From 20€
The Best carnival on C. Valenciana Saturday 07/05/22

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The Vinaròs Carnival is the most famous and largest carnival in the Valencian community. 

Vinaròs Carnival, not only the first Valencian festival that was declared in 2007 as Regional Tourist Interest. But in 2011 it was awarded as “Best Provincial Party”.

This year the Carnival of Vinaròs will take place from April 23 to May 9 and this year’s carnival theme is the mythical city of Atlantis, so think well for your costume.
This year is much better than other years, because it has a 40th anniversary and is celebrated in spring.
We will go on 07/05/22 when the FIRST GREAT PARADE OF THE VINARÒS CARNIVAL will be held.


16:00 Departure from Valencia
We will meet at 15:45 in Avenida aragon 31 and leave at 16:00
18:00 Arriving to Vinaros
We will arrive in Vinaroz around 6:00 p.m. and warm up our engines with some drinks because the party will start shortly.
21:00 Great carnaval Parade
Between 20/21 the Great carnaval Parade will begin and before the Great Parade there will be a festival and lots of music.
00:00 Gran verbena
Disco mobile with the performance of the Centauro orchestra
02:00 coming back to Valencia
We meet at 01:45 to return to Valencia.
Drinks, food and many drinks
Comfortable clothes and costumezzzzz
Individual: Until Wednesday €21 After €23

Group of 5 or more: Until Wednesday €20 After €22

Additional discount: 5%. Use the code “LANGUAGEEXCHANGE”

Includes: Private transportation + coordinators

How can the trip be booked?
on the website: link below.

Office: Plaza Honduras 26, (09:30 – 14:30)

At language exchange meetings. look at the page to see where they are.

Online link:

Protocolo Coronavirus VLE

In order to travel and enjoy safely we will have to follow these protocols to travel with VLE / CoAcad. First of all, if you feel some symptoms like fever / cough / respiratory problem you should not participate to the trip. Use of a mask will be mandatory at all times on the bus. The bus will be sanitized before and after each service. Before boarding the bus, temperature control will be done. We will give you a disinfecting wipe so you can safely clean your seat. Do not print a ticket to avoid handling paper, show us the QR code on your mobile or just tell us your name and surname. During the guided tour(If any), everybody will wear the mask.

MEETING POINT: AVENIDA ARAGON 31 (In front of Mestalla) 

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje WEXCURSION, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

All our trips are organised by Travel agency, WEXCURSION, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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