Flag Tandem Umbracle

Flag Tandem Umbracle Saturday 

Where?: Umbracle 
When?: Every Saturday  from 23:00 – 00:00 (free entry until 00:00) and you can stay in the club as long as you want.
Where do we get flags?: flags are given by us for free (only to registered people)
How to  register?: click the button below – choose the date – fill out the form.
You will receive an email – Show this email at the door.
(In case you don’t receive any email, please check your spam folder)
REMEMBER: Access to Flag Party  will be only with Language Exchange card. You can ask your card here: https://valencialanguageexchange.com/member-2022/ 
Flag tandem is a mixture between a Language Exchange and a party. 
It is the best place where internationals can make local friends, practice the local language and party with them (and vice versa).
How does it work: 
In Umbracle at the entry we will give you the flag of your country /native tongue and you will search for the flag/language you would like to practise or meet people.  
For example: A french girl would like to practice Spanish with a Spanish boy. 
At the gate when everybody enters, this french girl will get a french flag. (There will be many people with different flags) And then she searches for people with Spanish flags.
The entry is free only for Tandem people who are at least 21 years old. They have to be registered before.
What is the objective of the Flag Tandem? 
In the week days we organise Language Exchanges where you sit down around tables.
In the Flag Tandem everybody’s free to talk with everybody, we give you a flag and you by yourself have to search for your language partner. 
The objective of flag tandem is to practise languages, while having fun and meeting new people. 
Connecting internationals with Locals
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