Language Brunch: Sunday Morning Language Exchange

Language Brunch: Sunday Morning Language Exchange

Language Exchange Brunch Sunday 29/10/23
If you like to spend your Sunday mornings in a good company and improving your language skills, there’s nothing better than Sunday Language Exchange and brunch.


Join us for a delightful Language Exchange Brunch, where diverse tongues and flavors come together. 🗣️🍽️ Connect with fellow language enthusiasts, share stories, and savor global cuisines. 🌮🍜🥖 Let’s break down language barriers while we break bread together. 🗨️🍳🥂
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A language exchange brunch is a social event where people gather to practice and improve their language skills by conversing with others who speak different languages.
Participants come from various linguistic backgrounds and then we form small groups, and each person has the opportunity to teach their native language or a language they are fluent in while learning from others in return.
The brunch element adds a pleasant and informal atmosphere to the event, where you can enjoy a meal together, share cultural experiences, and bond over shared interest in language learning.


It’s a great way to make new friends, exchange cultural insights, and enhance language skills in a fun and interactive setting.
The event is open to everybody – kids, young, old, families – who wants to practice different languages and meet new people. 


11:30 Meeting
We will meet in COCOLINDA, Paseo Alameda 14.
As long as we want
We’ll have a brunch and language exchange as long as we want.
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Individual price: 13€
The price includes the brunch menu which you can choose here: https://www.grupococolinda.com/brunch-cocolinda-alameda-14 
– Online ->
– Office 9:00 – 14:00 Plaza Honduras 26 (Grey building)
– Language Exchange meetings: check webpage to see the days and hours.

Meeting point: Cocolinda

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