Monday Language Exchange 2020

Monday Language Exchange

Place / Lugar : BIGBEN, Plaza honduras 36, 20:30
For better organisation you will be able to reserve not sooner than 3 days before event. 
Para una mejor organización, podrá reservar no antes de 3 días antes del evento.

Why Monday?

All our language Exchange meetings are the best, but everyday has its specialities. 

Monday: We call it “Classic language exchange”. It is a kind of family atmosphere with no many many people so a nice calm environment to talk and meet new people. 
In a normal Monday meeting there are only 60 – 80 people talking in 5 different languages.

When do we meet? From 19:30 onwards. You can come anytime but it is recommended to come before 20:00. 

Where do we meet?  Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36. 

Here is the map:  

What is the objective and How Language Exchange meetings work? 

The objective of these meetings is clear: exchange languages. So you can practice different languages in the same way you have learnt your mother tongue; by social interactions. 

How do they work? We create tables  of 6 people according to their languages, but usually most the tables are English, German, Italian, French with Spanish.  In these tables Spanish people help foreigners with their Spanish and vice versa. 

How we do it? When somebody arrives to these places, a coordinator is in charge of assigning them to a table with people interested in speaking in a particular language, because they’re learning the language or because it’s their native tongue and they want to help others. So just follow the coordinator, Join the group, and start practising, in matter of minutes you are talking your new international friends. 


Connecting internationals with locals. 

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Monday Language Exchange

Plaza Honduras 36

Lovely Sunset in the most beautiful rooftop in Valencia with  international friends!

Tuesday Language Exchange

Palau Alameda, Carrer de l'Arquitecte Mora 2, Valencia


Thursday Language Exchange

Plaza Honduras 36

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