Ruta del vino & feria Embutido

Food Festival & Wine Route: Requena

From €22
Wine, festival, tour Sunday 12/02/23
Food Festival: It is an event where the best gastronomy is exposed along with the best wine  and cava sellers in the area. Apart from eating, they can enjoy various cooking show by the best Valencian chefs, a series of gastronomic workshops and wine, cheese, olive oil and coffee tastings.
We recommend you to watch the video (Above)/photos (Click below) to give you an idea, how well we had.  
Winery Visit and Wine Tasting: Wine has been everyone’s favorite drink for more than a thousand years, and there is nothing better than tasting it by visiting the place where it is produced. If wine is also your favorite drink, you cannot miss this visit. During the trip you will visit the biggest winery in the Valencian community and taste 3 wines. (Hoya de cadena)
This charming town has a very rich history and many interesting places. Wine is the main attraction, and you can visit some of the oldest and most special wineries in Spain. In addition, it is possible to take a tour of the underground of the medieval city and an itinerary through the ancient caves. Requena is not only wine, you will be enchanted with its old town and you will fall in love with its gastronomy, you will eat and drink very well and with very good company.


9:00 Leaving Valencia
We meet 15 minutes before at Av. Aragón 31, in front of Mestalla
Winery visit (Optional)
We go directly to the winery to visit and taste. If you don’t want winery you will be dropped in Requena.
13:30 Food Festival
After the tasting, when our stomach asks for food, we will go to the food fair. With a tasting ticket you can order food and wine. (Ticket not incluedes you have to buy there)
Visit requena 16:00 Caves
The Tasting ticket includes a visit to a museum or monument. We highly recommend visiting the caves.
Go Back to Valencia
The bus will leave around 18:00 back to Valencia
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Trip: 23 euros: Includes: Transportation + coordinator + insurance
Visit to the winery and tasting of 3 wines: (Optional): 9 euros

You can eat at the fair with a tasting ticket (Optional) €12 (Pay directly there)
– 3 sausage tastings.
– 1 sausage roasted on the barbecue
– 2 of Requena wine.
– 1 of typical dishes prepared by the Housewives of Requena
– 1 bakery product
– 1 bottle of San Benedetto water.
– 1 free visit to a museum or monument during the days of the Exhibition.
How can you book the trip?
Online: Link below. 
Office: Plaza Honduras 26, (09:30 – 14:30)
At Language Exchange meetings. See the web page to see where they are. 
Online link:

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