The river Hiking + Camping (optional), Party in the mountains

From €15
Hiking, Swimming, Jumping, Camping Sunday 01/09/19

If you like Hiking and if you like water sports, swimming, Cliff jumping etc… This is your trip.


We will walk almost 4 kms the first day and people Who staying during night,  4 kms the 2nd day (The other half of the river).
The first day you will have 2,3,5 meters of cliff jumping and 2nd day, you have 5 and 10 meters of cliff jumping.
The first day, most of the time is walking and very less time of swimming and the 2nd day there are some places you have to swim more.

About place: It is in the middle of nowhere, and place is approx 100 kms from Valencia.
Important: When we say middle of nowhere, we mean it, It means there is nothing to buy (apart from a small ecotourism restaurant. There is no Phone network, no Internet, Just satellite connection/phone works)

What things you can enjoy during trip ?

Excursion in the river

Abseiling in the water.

Cliff Jumping

And of course the bus round trip.

& if you are staying for camping

Camping in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, Next to the river,

Dj Party in the mountains

Food and drinks

Click on the pictures below and have a look at some photos of the last years!

Photos from July of 2017

Photos from September of 2016

Photos from August of 2014

Program: (Only one day River Hiking)
Program for Overnight stay group
Meeting in Blasco Ibañez 111. 10:30 We will leave from Valencia
We will arrive to the river place. We will take a break of 30-40 minutes to go to the bathroom, have some brunch etc.
We will start walking (What is almost 20-30 minutes)
We will start river hiking, (4 kms almost 5 hours).
Returning to the same point, Some beers and people who chose one day excursion, will come back to Valencia and who chose camping. Have some bath or freshing up.
The first group will arrive to Valencia 20:30.
Same as other group
10:30 leaving – 19:00 coming back to starting point
Freshing up, and start installing the caping tents.
21:30 Meeting for dinner
This is an agro-turisme/Bio dinner restaurant, most of food is produced by the restaurant in their field, also the meat is from their farms. Dinner menu is down.
We will make a party. Drinks are very cheap there for us.
We go to sleep
Next day
Waking up time, Refreshing up.
We meet for the Breakfast.
We take the tents off.
We start walking until the second part of the river, almost 1 hour walking
The restaurant people will bring the lunch for us there.
We start walking in the second part of the river. What will take almost 5 hours.
We arrive to the initial point and some beers and approx. at 19:30 we start coming back to Valencia.
And more or less 20:30 we will be in Valencia.

Camping Area has:

Drinking water,
Sanitary facilities,
Bar coffee shop,

Dinner Menu

Starter:  3 starters Salad, Potato, Eggs (for 3 people)
Main: Barbeque meat, Pancheta, Morcilla, sausage, chorizo,
Desert: Homemade Yogurt with homemade honey, Fruits,
Drinks (Beer and sangria, included during dinner)

(You have Vegetarian /Vegan Menu also)

Toasts, with Marmalade, Honey, Tomato,
different type of Cheese
Fruit, Juice


Sandwich with one Drink(Beer or soft drink)

The place with organic farming / Food: (More importantly)

They cultivate vegetable in an ecological way in their gardens, and collect the best vegetable of the season, with criteria of organic agriculture and watered with their own spring water. They breed animal from their own farms.

What to bring

Cost: One-day hiking tour is 15 euros, Bus+ Excursion

Cost for two days: Hiking + Camping
First day bus: 10 euros
Second day Bus: 10 euros.
The rent to camping: 5 euros

Total: 25 euros.

However, keep in mind the following cost for camping.

Ecologist Dinner: 11 euros
Breakfast: 5 euros
Lunch 5 euros.
Rent or buy Tent: ~ 10 euros ( See at end of the page about how to rent /Buy)
Total: ~ 30 euros.

How can you book the trip?

You can book it in the Language Exchange meetings, online and or in the Office:

Monday to Friday (9:00 – 14:00) Plaza Honduras 26

Monday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)

Tuesday : Upper Club, Gran Via Marqués del Turia 40 (20: 30-23: 00)

Wednesday: EOI, Calle Llano Zaidia 19 (17:30-20:00) and Unic, Plaza de Sant Jaume 1 (20:30-22:30)

Thursday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)

Friday: Umbracle/Mya (23: 00-01: 00)


Meeting point:

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje COACAD, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

All our trips are organised by Travel agency, COACAD, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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