Thursday Language Exchange

Thursday Language Exchange + YO QUIZ

Thursday Language Exchanges are very famous among university students (Erasmus and locals). It is the biggest and best language Exchange. This is our first language exchange since 2007 when we started the VLE group.
In this language Exchange, Not only you do have the possibility to practice 5 different languages, but also you can participate in our famous YO-QUIZ, where every correct answer is rewarded with a shot!

Want to participate?

How to register? After October 2022 you don’t need to register anymore for Language Exchanges. But you need to be member of the association and ask for your card. You can take your card here: 
When do we meet?: from 20:30 onwards. You can come anytime but it is recommended to come punctual 20:30.
Where do we meet?: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36. 
Here is the map:  
What is the objective and How Language Exchange meetings work?
Language Exchange is the best way to learn or practice a Language and meeting new people.
it is the same way how everyone learn the mother tongue: Social interaction.
In the Language academy you can learn how to write a language, language grammar or language rules, but how to speak in daily life you will have to practice with others and best would be practice with native speakers. We are not an academy but a supplement to it.
The objective of these meetings is clear: exchange languages. So you can practice different languages in the same way you have learnt your mother tongue; by social interactions. 
How do they work?: We create tables of 6-8 people according to their languages, but usually most the tables are English, German, Italian, French with Spanish.  In these tables Spanish people help foreigners with their Spanish and vice versa. 
How we do it?: When somebody arrives to these places, a coordinator is in charge of assigning them to a table with people interested in speaking in a particular language, because they’re learning the language or because it’s their native tongue and they want to help others. So just follow the coordinator, join the group, and start practising. In matter of minutes you are talking your new international friends. 
Connecting internationals with locals. 
Wine, Friends and Mountains

Vinos Rioja & Montañas Vascas

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Ski in Baqueira- Beret

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Alicante & Guadalest

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Hiking Chulilla

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Hiking Alarcón

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Cuenca, Ciudad Encantada & Hanging Houses

Cuenca is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful corners of Spain

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Teruel & Albarracin

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Jijona & The Canelobre Caves

The town of Jijona is famous for its treat - Turrón de Jijona, which was being produced from 15th century and is protected by European Union as heritage. Canelobre Caves is a magnificent example of a karstic cave and is one of the largest and one of the most popular caves in Valencian Community.

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Altea & Benidorm

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Monday Language Exchange

Plaza Honduras 36

Lovely sunset on a beautiful rooftop in Valencia with international friends!

Tuesday Language Exchange

Palau Alameda, Carrer de l'Arquitecte Mora 2, Valencia


Thursday Language Exchange

Plaza Honduras 36

Every Saturday of the week

Flag Tandem Umbracle

Umbracle, City of Arts & Sciences

Speak & Party!
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