Alicante and Guadalest



Alicante and Guadalest

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Guided Tour, Castle, City Sunday 03/04/22
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Alicante is a port city located on the Mediterranean coast, in our visit we will enjoy the Castle of Santa Bárbara, Historical Center and Port. Alicante is a good option for a weekend, one of the best places to visit in Spain.
Alicante: The second most populated city in the Valencian community, which was founded by the Greeks under the name Akra Leuké (“white promontory”), then the Romans named it Castrum Album (“white fortress”) and Lucentum (place of light), and by the arrival of the Arabs this name was converted to al-Laqant (Current name in Valencian) and in spanish Alicante.
This magical city with an impressive light attracts many tourists because of its Mediterranean climate, the castle, white sand beaches and the historic centre.
The Santa Bárbara castle is located in the city centre at 167 m altitude. From there you have panoramic views over the city, the sea, beaches and their surroundings. It is just awesome.
The second attraction of this city is the Esplanade of Spain, a passage parallel to the port, built during the first half of the 20th century, with six and a half million tesserae that draw a wavy mosaic of red, blue and white colours.
We shouldn’t forget its old town with narrow streets the Basilica of Santa Maria, and the oldest church in the city.

Guadalest, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain!

It is located on a mountain, it has a population of 300 people but has more than a million of tourists all year around. This town has more museums per inhabitant than the whole Spain, among the most famous are, Museum of Ribera Girona, Salt and Pepper Museum, MicroGigante Museum etc. You can see The list of museums here:
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9:00 Leaving
Meeitng at 8:45 in meeting point and leaving before 09:00
11:00 Arrival to Guadalest
Arrival to Guadalest. We will visit the village in 2 hours until 13:00
13:00 Leaving to Alicante
Meeting in the bus to leave to Alicante
14:00 Arrival to Alicante and Lunch
When we arrive to Alicante we will have lunch break for an hour.
15:00 Visiting Alicante
We will visit Alicante. We will have a guided tour in 2 language. English and Spanish.
Free time / Castle time
In free time you can go to visit castle or visit the city.
18:30 Back to Valencia
Driving back to Valencia
Food and drinks: You can buy there or bring it with you. Bring water.
Confortable outfit: We will be walking much, bring comfortable cloths and don’t forget suncreamYou 
01-20 places: 21€
21-50 places: 22€


Includes: Private Bus + Insurance + Guided tour (if applied) + Best organization.
Optional: Guadalest Castle (not included: 3 euros / to pay in the bus)
Special discount of 5% with the code“LANGUAGEEXCHANGE”.
How can you book the trip?
Online / Office / Language Exchange meetings
Online (1 euros extra)
We prefer if you can reserve it online, but if you can’t, please come to office 9:00 – 14:00 (Only with already email confirmation about time) or in Language Exchange meetings: 
  • Monday & Thursday (20:00 – 22:00) Bigben Plaza Honduras 26
  • Tuesday in Palau Alameda (20:00 – 22:00)
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Protocolo Coronavirus VLE

In order to travel and enjoy safely we will have to follow these protocols to travel with VLE / CoAcad. First of all, if you feel some symptoms like fever / cough / respiratory problem you should not participate to the trip. Use of a mask will be mandatory at all times on the bus. The bus will be sanitized before and after each service. Before boarding the bus, temperature control will be done. We will give you a disinfecting wipe so you can safely clean your seat. Do not print a ticket to avoid handling paper, show us the QR code on your mobile or just tell us your name and surname. During the guided tour everybody will wear the mask.


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