Ski in Baqueira- Beret (catalan pyrenees)

Ski in aqueira- Beret (Pyrenees catalan)

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Hotel 4* + Transporte + Actividades opcionales Thu 05/01- Sun 08/01
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Baqueira-Beret, considered the best ski resort in Spain, located in the Aran Valley, is also the only Spanish resort located in the Pyrenees.
With 167 skiable kilometers, divided into four areas and 112 slopes, in the mountains that are over 3,000 meters high, Baqueira Beret is the resort most chosen by famous people and ski professionals. For something it will be that AUDI has given it, its name. Baqueira HOME OF QUATTRO
All this without counting its surroundings, its historical charms, a cultural heritage such as: the churches of the Bohí Valley declared a World Heritage Site, nature in its purest form, with more than 400 lakes such as the Aigüestortes National Park, exceptional gastronomy with a wide range of hotels and restoration.
– We also have optional activities: Snow rackets (Raquetas) in Montgarri / Visit to 3 towns in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Programa breve

Thursday 05/01
We will leave atfter lunch so you can use Thursday and not have to ask for the day off. We will arrive around 20:00 p.m., check in at our 4**** hotel and free time for dinner, then whoever wants can come for a drink.
Friday 06/01
We will wake up early in the morning and go to Baqueria (RUDA/1500 Station). We will divide into 2 groups (1 who has their own equipment, arrive and start skiing and 2: People who want to rent, pick up equipment and ski) After skiing we will go to the hotel to rest and then you decide between visiting Viella or resting. In the evening we will go to dinner together.
Saturday 07/01
We will wake up early in the morning and we will go and we have 2 options: Go skiing in Baqueira Beret (AUDI Station) 2. Snow racket trek to Montgarri (optional)
Sunday 08/01
We will wake up early in the morning and we will go and we have 2 options: Go skiing in Baqueira Beret (RUDA/1500 Station) / 2. Visit 3 towns in the Catalan Pyrenees (Arties/Salardu/Unha)

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Ski Station
Baqueria Beret is the number one station for this winter sports lovers.
They are 167 skiable kilometers, divided into four areas with 112 ski slopes (6 green, 43 blue, 46 red and 17 black).
We will ski in the 3 ski stations, 1st day Ruda 2nd day in Audi Quattro Bar 3rd day in 1500.
rv tuca
Our hotel 4****, Hotel RV TUCA
We have chosen a 4**** hotel in Viella HOTEL RV TUCA. the rooms are triple but you can ask for double (+€7) or single (+€35) rooms.
Ski Material : 
If you don’t have ski / snow equipment, don’t worry, you can rent it with us on the ski slope. The material pack comes with skis, boots and sticks, you decide with or without a helmet.
Clases de Esqui: 
You want to ski / snow and you don’t know how to ski, we help you learn this winter sport with ski / snow classes on the slopes. We have  group classes or private classes. Now you no longer have any excuse for not going skiing. 😉
Vielha Capital of Aran valley 
The essential town of the Catalan Pyrenees, Vielha, the capital of the Aran Valley, is also called “The city between mountains” the real name is Vielha e Mijaran.
At almost 1,000m high, VIelha is one of the largest towns in the area, its rich architectural and cultural heritage, which is why today it is considered one of the most important places of Cultural Interest in the Aran Valley.
Unha (The town if the Catalan Pyrenees with the best views) If we talk about the best towns in the Catalan Pyrenees, after Vielha we always talk about Unha. The views of the valley and the glacier from there look like something out of a postcard.
Arties: Another charming town in the Val d’Aran, just 7km from the Baqueira Beret ski resort, chosen as one of the most beautiful towns in Vall de Aran.
Salardú: a medieval town at an altitude of 1,268 meters, between the Garona and Unhóla rivers, is the capital of the Naut Aran.
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